RG Tooling Ltd.

Manufacturers of Quality, Precision Tooling

With more than 30 years in the cutting tool industry, we use our knowledge and expertise to design and produce special tooling for some of the worlds leading international tooling companies.

Using the latest technology, we produce tooling to our customers specifications at a cost they can afford and to the quality they demand.

We make cutting tools utilising special or standard iso carbide inserts either as single pocket tools or combination multi pocket tools.

Boring bars, turning tools, drills, form tools, counterbore tools, back counterbore tools, chamfer tools, spotface tools, profile endmills (porcupine style), face milling cutters, step milling cutters, form milling cutters, combination drills, broaching tools, side & face cutter. - anything with a pocket milled in it !!!

Industrial  ‘Cookie cutters’, Roll Cutters to produce the shape required, cut from various materials.

Roll formers, producing various shapes for the confectionary sector making fruit shaped sweets.

            We also make press tools, mould tools, jigs, fixtures, prototype tooling, special components as single items or batch quantity. --

Our latest aquisition is a Hurco VMX30U  dedicated 5-axis machining centre. This allows us to produce complex parts made using full 5-axis simultaneous tool paths either from our state-of-the-art cad-cam system or 5sided machining using Hurco's latest Winmax software with Tool point monitoring.


Partners we work closely with are Eurogrind and BAW Precision Engineering - links below;-

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