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Over previous years, we have worked closely with Nick Plumb making parts to his BMW F650 GS .
The main alteration was to the clutch cover.
Nick had asked if it was possible to modify the existing cover by machining away the dome covering the clutch and adding a removable cap.
After examining the cover, we decided that without enough cross-section thickness for fixing screws, the best option would be to make a complete new cover in two parts.
Using a touch probe on one of our Hurco machining centres, we measured the existing cover and then using Pathtraceís edgecam Cad-Cam system, we created a solid model and toolpaths to machine the cover from a solid billet of aluminium.
The sunburst effect on the cap is a result of the machining process and would normally have polished out, But Nick decided that the effect was more eye-catching left as it was.
Further customising could be made by engraving a logo or name in the cover.
Check out the photos below of Nicks bike for the Dakar race and donít forget you can follow the Dakar Race on the web or on Eurosport.

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